Great Headshots

Professional Headshots for Individuals and Groups

What makes a great headshot?

Great headshots are well-lit photographs of your face and upper body that command attention and engage the viewer. Moreover, they should coax the onlooker to want to learn more about you, your product, or your service. In general, I photograph you smiling, being sneaky or something even more dramatic. But rest assured, those final images always imbibe confidence and genuine expression. Consequently, when you book a headshot experience with me you get a trained eye, helpful direction, a technical understanding of light, color, and a downright nice guy! Don’t settle for someone that just takes good pictures or doesn’t specialize in headshots. Just as there is a difference in choosing a General Practitioner vs a Specialist for your health needs, there is a difference in selecting a photographer whom specializes in headshots vs a landscape photographer or an infant photographer or a food photographer.

Is it time to update your online profile picture?

At Yeatman Photography, I work with you to make sure you leave the studio with images that you can be proud of whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, website, or print. Standard retouching for skin tone, stray hair, occasional lint or other distractions is included.

A professional headshot is the fastest thing you can do to enhance your social media presence, increase your public awareness, and build your credibility!

Do you need new headshots for your Staff?

Is your current headshot outdated, poorly lit, or are you just ready to up your online presence?

Want a more inclusive photoshoot?

Do you have an upcoming public appearance?

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